Sophie’s Story

After just six months of being in a relationship with her boyfriend, Sophie knew she needed to leave. She had known him for over a year and was her best friend before they had got into a relationship. He began to be very possessive and controlling. Sophie was no longer allowed to see friends, family or text anyone. He would check her phone constantly for texts and calls to make sure she obeyed him.

Things started to get worse, although Sophie didn’t realise it at first. Her boyfriend would hold her tightly to him when they were walking or grab her to pull her back to stop her from going somewhere. This physical abuse escalated when the boyfriend pinned Sophie against a gate and badly sprained her wrist. Sophie decided enough was enough and told him the relationship was over. In response her boyfriend slit his own wrists in front of her whilst yelling abuse. Sophie was devastated. Even after splitting up the ex-partner would constantly call and text her, once she had over two-hundred missed calls from him within a three-hour space of time. Thankfully Sophie managed to get out and find help. Even though she still worries about bumping into him on the street, Sophie is happy she managed to get away.